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Who can enter?
We encourage entries from any person or company involved in the production of print including screen, offset, digital, wide format, flexographic, and gravure printers, trade binderies, graphic designers, and students. Suppliers/OEMs can also submit work in the Supplier/OEM Category only.
Can suppliers/OEMs enter the Premier PRINT Awards?
Absolutely! There is a Supplier/OEM category specifically and exclusively for manufacturers. Please note: Submissions in all other categories are reserved for printers only. Any supplier/OEM submission into other categories will not be considered and moved to the Supplier/OEM category.
What work is eligible?
Entries must have been produced between January, 1 2021 and December 31, 2021. The entries submitted should be free of obvious imperfections. Prototypes are not permitted for entries (except in Student Categories), all entries must be a production job run.
How do I enter, and how much is each entry?
An entry form must be completed for each entry submitted. There is one fee per entry submitted. Check out complete pricing —the more you submit, the more you save!
How do I select which category to enter?
Choosing a category is easier than you may think. To help identify the appropriate category in which to enter your piece, first consider the print production process used, the entry/product type, the equipment used, and what materials were used to print the job. If you’re unsure of which category to enter, we can help! Simply contact us with your questions.
How should I package and ship my entry?
Entries should be carefully selected for judging (e.g. free of print and production imperfections, clean, unmarked, and undamaged). Your company name must not appear on the entry unless it is being submitted in the self-promotion category. After you submit your online entry, you’ll receive an email containing a PDF to print and ship along with your entry.
Can I submit multiple entries?
There is no limit to the number of entries submitted.
Can students enter the Premier PRINT Awards?
Yes! High School Student/Post-Secondary Student can enter The Tom Frecska Student Printing Competition Award category. This award is given any student or student group in high school, adult school, vocational school, or college and involved in the creation or production of print communications.

  • Student entries are free for all educational institutions that are members of PRINTING United Alliance.
  • Each category winner will receive a cash prize of $500 to use toward their graphic arts education.
  • Instructors of winning entries will also receive $500 to use toward their school’s graphic arts educational program.
  • Please note: This is a special division for high school and post-secondary students. In-plant university production operations not run by students are ineligible for this category.
Can I submit one entry in multiple categories?
Often, a piece may fit more than one category. A separate entry fee and a separate entry form is required for each category entered. You also must provide one printed piece for each entry submitted, even if it’s the same piece.
Who are the judges?
Independent judges are appointed by PRINTING United Alliance and are selected based on their experience, technical skills, and expertise in the industry. In the unlikely event that there’s a conflict of interest when evaluating a particular piece, the judge will exclude himself/herself from that entry. Judges are unpaid volunteers who donate their time and skills for the benefit of the industry and have no perfunctory interest in the outcome.
What if I enter in the wrong category?
We reserve the right to move entries to their proper category when necessary.
What is judging based on?
Judging is based on print/production quality, technical innovation, visual impact, and production/job difficulty level. In the Digital Printing (High-Speed Inkjet and Electrophotography) category, complexity and use of variable data incorporating data and design elements will also be judged.
How and when will I know if I’ve won?
Winners will be notified in August 2021. A list of winning companies will be posted on the PRINTING United Alliance Premier PRINT Awards website.
Does my entry get returned to me?
All entries become the property of PRINTING United Alliance and will not be returned. No exceptions.